Gladstone Regional Stormwater Quality Management Plan

Gladstone_sunsetO2 has been contracted by the Gladstone Regional Council to provide the Consultancy Services for the Gladstone Regional Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plan (GRUSQMP).  O2 Director, David Sargent will act as Project Manager and Principal Engineer/Hydrologist for the 12 month study. Also involved are key O2 personnel including Senior Water Resource Engineers Emma Jarrold, Kyle Robson, Steven Chamberlain  and Water Quality and Waterway Assessment Specialist Steve Dudgeon

O2 has gained a high level understanding of the Gladstone Regional Council’s objectives and desired outcomes and has acquired a large body of knowledge through work on the Stormwater Scoping Study. Council has recognised that significant infrastructure planning is required, in order to satisfy the EPP Water (2009) and the draft SPP Healthy Water policies.

The draft SPP Healthy Water Policy seeks to regulate development for urban purposes under the IPA.  The policy ensures that community infrastructure is planned, designed, constructed and operated to manage stormwater and waste water in ways that protect the environmental values specified in the EPP Water 2009.

The ultimate test of the Gladstone Regional Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plan will be Council and broad stakeholder acceptance. This means the development of credible methods, community support and cost effective and sustainable recommendations.