Strategic Cropping Land (SCL) Rapid On-ground Assessment - Bowen Basin

Over the last 6 months O2 has completed strategic cropping land, rapid low intrusive assessment over a number of tenements in the Bowen Basins for Vale Exploration.

The outcomes of desktop and field studies produced a risk assessment of the likelihood of SCL being present and set the foundations for additional studies if required. In some cases the rapid assessment was able to provide enough detail and data to comply with DNRM validation mapping requirements.

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NNA Northern Pipeline Interconnector

O2 Environment + Engineering was commissioned to assist the Northern Network Alliance (NNA) with Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) services performed in connection with the Northern Pipeline Interconnector Stage 2. This included practical ESC training of staff and subcontractors (including certification), a review and update of erosion and sediment control plans and documents, full time construction ESC supervision for on-ground direction, high level advice and review as required, consultation with contractors, and design of Sediment Basins and soil analysis as required.


Gladstone Regional Stormwater Quality Management Plan

Gladstone_sunsetO2 has been contracted by the Gladstone Regional Council to provide the Consultancy Services for the Gladstone Regional Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plan (GRUSQMP).  O2 Director, David Sargent will act as Project Manager and Principal Engineer/Hydrologist for the 12 month study. Also involved are key O2 personnel including Senior Water Resource Engineers Emma Jarrold, Kyle Robson, Steven Chamberlain  and Water Quality and Waterway Assessment Specialist Steve Dudgeon


Gladstone Port Erosion and Sediment Control

gladstone_port_ESCO2 has recently been commissioned by Abigroup to undertake a Soil and Water Management Plan and staged Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for the haul road and quarry associated with the construction of the Fishermans Landing 153 Bund, in the port of Gladstone.

The proponent for the project, Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC), proposes the $82.5 million northern expansion of the existing Fisherman’s Landing facility at the Port of Gladstone through the reclamation of approximately 170 hectares adjacent to the existing port facility. The reclamation will provide an additional 153 ha (approximately) for the port. Fisherman’s Landing is situated 10 kilometres north of Gladstone.


ESC - Curragh and Curragh North Mines

curragh_rollingO2 was commissioned by Wesfarmers Curragh Pty Ltd to undertake assessment of the quantity, quality and suitability of existing water storages to capture and detain water resulting from various rainfall intensity events at their Curragh and Curragh North mining projects. 


Narrows Crossing Pipeline Assessment - QGC


O2 was required to assess the potential erosion and sedimentation impacts associated with the construction of the Narrows Crossing pipeline and the LNG facilities on Curtis Island. O2 was responsible for preparing strategies and plans for the management and monitoring of all identified erosion and sedimentation impacts.

These plans were also suitable for incorporation into the project site Environmental Management Plans for the construction and operational phases of the project.