Stormwater Scoping Study - Gladstone Regional Council


Gladstone Regional Council (GRC) recognised that significant infrastructure planning was required for the stormwater networks in the region and that a Regional Stormwater Study was required, with the aim of defining the extent of stormwater flooding and water quality impacts and developing flood mitigation measures which can be incorporated into development proposals and future stormwater/flooding infrastructure works.



As a first step in this process, Council commissioned O2 to undertake a Scoping Study to define the requirements of the detailed study. The principal objectives of the Scoping Study were broadly to define: 



  • Existing catchments and the drainage/flooding behaviour and constraints of the identified catchments;
  • Outcomes of the proposed Stormwater Study;
  • Methods to be used to undertake the proposed Stormwater Study;
  • Possible staging arrangements for the proposed stormwater project, including the objectives of each stage, the information required and approximate cost;
  • Identify and compare possible modelling software (quality and quantity) that could be utilised