More Services

Our specialist staff can assist clients with any matters related to contaminated land for example:

Contaminated Land Assessments

  • Historical reviews of sites
  • Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Detailed Site Investigations
  • Sampling of soil, surface and ground waters

Remediation and Management of Contaminated Lands

  • Remediation Action Plans
  • Site management Plans
  • Site supervision of remedial works
  • Remediation and Validation Reports

Hazardous Materials

  • Hazardous Material Audits
  • Asbestos Registers
  • Asbestos identification, remediation and/or management plans

Supporting Services

  • Installation of air and water monitoring infrastructure and instrumentation
  • Regulatory advise for contaminated land

And more...

  • Site investigation of contamination on sensitive operational sites
  • Assessments to identify potential liability, which may arise due to soil and groundwater contamination
  • Desktop and detailed investigation assessments for all land contamination activities
  • Remediation of former industrial sites for residential development.
  • Pre-development site investigation of brownfield sites for commercial use and residential housing

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