david_sargent_bwPrincipal Water Resource Engineer

MSc Eng Hydrology (Hons) / BSc Civil Eng

David has over 40 years' professional experience in business management and project management in the water resources field. David has been responsible for a wide variety projects in a wide range of environments, with four of the projects for which he has been responsible receiving Engineering Excellence Awards.

David has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (1st class honours) and a Master’s degree in Engineering Hydrology.

David specialises in water resources management, engineering hydrology, flood studies, flood risk management, river engineering and hydraulics, waterway and catchment management, stormwater investigations and design and computer modelling. David has project experience in Australia, UK, Asia, India, the Middle-East and Africa.

Projects in flood management include the Rockhampton Flood Management Study and the Western Queensland Towns Flood Study both of which received Engineering Excellence Awards. A further Engineering Excellence award was received in respect of the Whitsunday Region Riverine Quarry Material Management Plan. Water resource development projects have included hydropower and water supply studies in both East and West Malaysia, in Burma and in Thailand.

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