Soil Assessment and Management

Strategic Cropping Land Assessment

Since the introduction of the guidelines and legalisation, O2 has completed strategic cropping land and rapid low intrusive assessment over a number of tenements in the Bowen Basins.

The outcomes of desktop and field studies produced a risk assessment of the likelihood of SCL being present and set the foundations for additional studies if required. In some cases, the rapid assessment was able to provide enough detail and data to comply with DNRM validation mapping requirements.

O2 can provide Certified Professionals in Soil Science and a former QLD CSIRO Principal Soil Scientist with over 40 years' experience to assist with your SCL work.

Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)

O2 has extensive experience with ASS investigations that includes desktop studies, field investigations, management plans and closure reports. O2 can prepare site specific practical ASS management plans that meet regulatory guidelines.