Waterway Resource Management

O2 has an expert team of water engineers and project managers experienced in hydrology and hydraulics, geomorphic assessment, waterway health assessment and rehabilitation and water quality analysis. Using a combination of planning, design and engineering considerations, we can assist clients to manage and protect their water resource.

At O2 our technical expertise includes water resource management, surface water hydrology, hydraulic engineering, water quality and supply, wastewater treatment and sediment management. Our extensive experience lends itself to projects small and large including natural resource management, infrastructure (highway, railway and pipeline), the mining and resources industry, as well as urban and rural development.

Our expert team of scientists and water engineers have a breadth of knowledge in the specialised field of environmental water management including: waterway rehabilitation and design, river and stream bed bank erosion and stabilisation, hydraulic and desktop modeling, fluvial geomorphology and geomorphic assessments, stormwater management, water quality monitoring programs and physical, chemical and biological sampling.

We also have the knowledge and understanding of current regulations and policies to help steer our private and public sector clients through the required permit approvals and statutory planning procedures.

Waterway Resource Management Service Sheet