Stage 2: Detailed Site Investigations

Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) are the integral part of site characterisation and follow on from a PSI. The DSI can take on many forms depending on the size and complexity of the site.

O2 always uses the Data Quality Objectives process (DQO) in developing Sampling and Analysis Quality Plans (SAQP) to fully characterise site contamination and tools such as Conceptual Site Models (CSM) to assist in visualising the linkages and pathways of contamination and the risk to site users. A fully disclosed, discussed, and understood outcome for a project with a well-defined environmental problem using the DQO process will lead to a successful outcome for any project.

O2 delivers well planned focused solutions to environmental problems using highly skilled and experience staff.  O2 is a specialised contaminated land consultancy and only use staff with at least five-years contaminated land experience.  O2 delivers comprehensive, well focused, efficient assessments and advice to their clients.

O2 has completed the remediation of large complex sites with multi layered contaminating activities. The use of a well-planned out DQO means that scientific and commercial decisions can be made through out the remediation process.  This leads to saving client's money by removing remediation costs and adding value to the project.